BMRA Virtual Training

Our virtual courses are offered either via on-demand through our open enrollment course listings or in specific agency or organization sponsored group training. Virtual courses utilize the Adobe Connect® platform for training. 

  • Secure - FedRAMP certified and no need to download any software

  • Accessible -508 conformant

  • Flexible - highly collaborative product is specifically geared to adult learning audiences

  • Supported – virtual production assistants for smooth delivery – reduce technical hiccups and keep you focused on the content

BMRA provides both traditional onsite classroom training and virtual instructor-led training (vILT) course offerings. We recognize blended training environments are common across Federal organizations, therefore, we adapt a significant amount of training content to support vILT deliveries.


We offer a model of full support in all stages of delivering e-learning courses and meeting training requirements for our customers by assigning virtual producers to monitor every delivery. Our producers proactively combat any delivery problems, and technical issues where possible. This extra step of a constantly monitored virtual environment, ensures students stay focused on the training content. 

Virtual courses utilize the Adobe Connect™ platform for training. Each student on the provided roster, is sent a “Welcome Letter” email with logistical details, pre-course assignments, an introduction to the instructor and the course files for advance download. Included in the email is a link to the virtual classroom.

Participant engagement is key to the success of meeting the learning objectives and creating performance change. The participant engagement features, or “pods,” of the Adobe Connect classroom include but are not limited to: 

  • Chat and Note pods for all class, breakout and private discussions

  • Polling pods for quick touch points by the instructor

  • Breakout rooms for group activities

  • Share pods for showing videos or additional documents, digital whiteboards, and screen sharing

These features are designed to maximize interaction among students and the instructor, generating collaboration and engagement in the virtual classroom. 

We understand the concept of virtual training can be uncomfortable for some and you may have concerns about its use and adaptability by your employees. BMRA welcomes the opportunity to showcase the Adobe Connect platform and show you its functionality and how we have tools to overcome the fears of users. Please contact us at for a brief demonstration of this powerful tool, and have your questions answered.

The Adobe Connect platform is 508 compliant as stated on the company's website: