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Project Leadership and Communication

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"Great content and videos! I can use this material in the future to relate to my employees."
– 2019 participant

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This three-day, elective course explores different types of project leadership and how to produce the best outcomes based on the chosen type of leadership styles. Typically, small projects have a single manager, and larger projects often have a team or multiple interested parties – some of whom may be from different branches of the same agency. This course analyses the various leadership styles that work best in the typical scenarios associated with projects both large and small. Great communication practices start at the top. The better a leader communicates to a team, the more efficient they are at staying on track, increasing understanding of objectives and deliverables. This also helps ensure a clear direction with defined roles and responsibilities, leading to better, faster, and typically cheaper results.

Learning Objectives

• Apply leadership skills to complex project management issues
• Apply a senior government leader perspective
• Successfully identify various methods of motivating and alleviating employee stress for individuals who are dealing with constant change in the working environment
• Learn what information to share with the team and what needs to be kept in confidence
• Use leadership communication skills to engender respect and ensure team members active and positive participation in the project