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Leading and Managing High Performing Project Teams

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This two-day, elective course covers the qualities needed for project teams to produce high-quality content and work efficiently with each other. Clarity of vision, communication distinction of roles, and process definition are a few of the must haves for project success. How these facets are implemented are what turn a well-functioning team into a high-performing team. This also includes the introduction of automation processes and technology to help manage processes and automated routines.

Learning Objectives

• Define a high-functioning project team
• Break down tasks and roles to explore efficiencies (unearth inefficiencies) and potentials for process streamlining or system automation
• Define clarity of roles within a team to create the best outcome
• Explore the best technology solutions (that may already have in the office!)
• Demonstrate a high-performance team model and the elements of success
• Understand leadership focus areas that build high-performing teams
• Use communication styles that achieve the best results
• Create and maintain trusting relationships in teams
• Knowing a project’s purpose and vision to align team values and goals