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Leadership and Communication Skills

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"This was very helpful for future use when relating to my employees." – 2019 participant

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This three-day elective course examines the leadership skills necessary for contracting professionals to succeed in their careers. Paramount to being an effective leader is being focused and being able to communicated that focus to others. Setting parameters, goals, roles and expectations, making clear use of language to best broadcast your initiatives and desired outcomes are keys to leadership success. In the contracting profession there are many situations where leadership and communication are key; think of the contracting officer (CO) and contracting officer’s representative (COR) relationship as a prime example. This engaging course will illustrate the prime skills a contracting professional requires for success and how you can begin using these tools today for results.

Learning Objectives

• Apply leadership skills to complex project management issues
• Apply a senior Government leader perspective
• Successfully identify various methods of motivating and alleviating employee stress for individuals who are dealing with constant change in the working environment
• Identify and apply conflict management strategies in a team environment
• Develop a clear message focused on the mission with common values to drive the team in the same direction
• Identify stakeholders and use methods to build consensus within disparate groups