This three-day, elective course provides grants and cooperative agreement personnel a foundation for learning about the government grant making and monitoring process. This course uses lecture, discussion, practical exercises, and case studies to demonstrate best practices. Instructors provide a basic understanding of grants policy and procedures, describing the grant management process from concept definition through closeout.


Learning Objectives

• Understand the key stages of grant and cooperative agreement process and what general requirements are necessary for each phase
• Determine what policies and procedures govern the Federal Grant and Cooperative Agreement Program
• Understand the grant application process, and OMB and HHS grant management and oversight process
• Learn the grantee application and government award decision process
• Develop basic negotiation skills utilizing grant in-class exercises
• Understand grantee performance monitoring procedures, including grantee audit requirements
• Learn the responsibilities of the government and grantee to effectively closeout grants and cooperative agreements


Technical Requirements

Student are required to have a computer with internet access.






3 Days

Introduction to Grants and Cooperative Agreements

Course Dates




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