This five-day course addressing advanced contracting officer’s representative (COR) training covers most aspects of the procurement process from acquisition strategy development to contract closeout. Organizations may request emphasis in certain areas such as performance based requirements development, ethics, documentation of contractor performance, invoice processing, designing surveillance plans, and techniques for managing contracts. Case studies are often used to encourage adult participation. CORs, once certified, are required to earn 40 hours of continuous learning points (CLPs) every two years. Most organizations provide their CORs with Advanced COR training opportunities to meet this requirement.


Learning Objectives

• Customize topics based on agency’s needs
• Emphasize the importance of COR input to contract requirements process
• Go over common techniques used to collect and analyze market information and identify potential sources
• Refresh COR’s knowledge of basic contracting policy and procedures
• Discuss good means and methods in proposal team evaluation
• Understand how to properly monitor contractor performance and resulting documentation requirements
• Recognize when contract modifications will be required and how this should be communicated to the contracting officer
• Identify contract performance risk factors, how to work with the contractor to mitigate to include development of a Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP)
• Understand contract ethics requirements


Technical Requirements

Student are required to have a computer with internet access. 






5 Days

COR III: Advanced

Course Dates




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