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FPM 511: Managing IT Projects

Course ID

FPM 511

Continuous Learning Points (CLPs)


Course Length

4 Days






"This was a helpful course in enforcing a development program, much needed to sharpen my IT PM skills." – 2018 participant

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This four-day class prepares participants to manage IT projects and programs using processes based on modular procurement. Participants will learn to craft a contract strategy that accommodates rapid changes in technology, multiple contractors, interoperability, and integration risk. This comprehensive course begins with strategy development, and then progresses through business reengineering, agile development, integration, and measurement of technical performance. Compliance with IT-related Federal laws, regulations, and guidance will be highlighted throughout the course. Managing multiple stakeholders in cross-agency initiatives will be discussed as well.

Learning Objectives

• Collaborate with the office of the agency chief information officer (CIO) to define and implement information technology (IT) strategies and metrics to support fulfillment of agency strategic objectives
• Develop a comprehensive acquisition strategy, business case, concept of operations, and cost-benefit analysis for a contemporary IT program
• Demonstrate the principles and methods of IT capital investment analysis and business case analysis, including return on investment analysis
• Develop change management strategies, including IT workforce change management
• Comply with IT-specific Federal laws, regulations, and guidance
• Implement modular contracting methods and agile delivery based on the modular contracting toolkit
• Apply quantitative methods of financial analysis to modular development efforts
• Develop and manage a program budget based on the technology business management framework and taxonomy
• Use IT market research and technology awareness to stay up-to-date with industry trends and alternative technologies
• Integrate IT projects into programs and cross-agency initiatives, including dynamic schedules
• Assess the quality and applicability of prototypes and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions
• Manage, prioritize, and deliver customer-centric requirements, then report progress through TechStat
• Manage risk, including assessment of failures and consequences
• Translate IT initiatives in business terms for stakeholders and set expectations
• Plan and incorporate automated-quality checking, testing, and evaluation into Agile delivery and DevOps


Must satisfy the competency requirements for FAC-P/PM Mid-Level