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FPM 432: Agile Project Management for the Federal Environment

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FPM 432

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3 Days





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This three-day course introduces participants to basic acquisition principles of an Agile project management environment, based on the current policies and practices of the Federal Government. Agile contracting has, as its key tenant, Agility – change management, communication, and coordination among all parties involved. This methodology was originally developed for IT systems, since Agile system design techniques originated in that field. Originally developed for software engineering teams, it works with the concept of short, demonstratable steps with interface (communication) with the client throughout the process.
Agile is built around the concept of using short, highly structured project cycles called Sprints. This course will demonstrate this technique and provide interactive exercises to help participants to apply this skill to their projects.

Learning Objectives

• Learn what Agile development is and how it helps the government get better outcomes for cheaper
• Understand how to identify projects that are best suited to the Agile development process
• Learn how the Agile process differs from “traditional project management” processes
• Use Sprints to create micro bursts of attainable milestones and demonstrate progress, transparency, accountability, and measurable success or raise issues before they become problems
• Learn how Agile complies with the requirements of the FAR
• Understand where to find more information the Agile processes will benefit the organization