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FPM 418: Project Management for Contracting Professionals

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FPM 418

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3 Days





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This three-day course explores the distinct issues in project management that are faced by contracting professionals such as regulations (the FAR), procedures, (requirements definition and SOW creation), evaluation (CPARS), and personnel (CO and COR relationship and interaction with other interested parties from program offices to Congress). This unique environment creates synergies between many of the skills that make program management successful and those that make contracting successful. These skills include priority setting, personnel management, expectation setting, negotiating, simple writing, and effective communications. This course will explore a variety of tools used in project management that would be useful in contract management scenarios.

Learning Objectives

• Apply current contract management skills to project management
• Apply the tools of project management to contracting such as planning, budgeting, execution, and reporting
• Use visual tools of project management to create efficiencies in contracting including GANTT charts, task lists, and Kanban boards
• Understand how the FAR impacts the management of a project
• Understand how CPARS should be considered during a project and how to leverage the data to create better outcomes
• Learn how to apply best project management practices to contracting to create a high-performing acquisition team