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FPM 334: Progressive Leadership in Program Management

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FPM 334

Continuous Learning Points (CLPs)


Course Length

2 Days






"Provided insight into approaches. Informative, fun, and learned a lot!" – 2019 participant

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This two-day course expands participants’ interpersonal and mentoring skills required in complex programs. Critical thinking is explored as a means for problem solving and decision making in potentially volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous operating environments. Participants will gain awareness of how modeling responsible and accountable behaviors relates to effective and efficient use of program resources. Stakeholder relationship skills are gained through role-playing exercises. Participants gain global awareness of the linkage between organizational vision and objectives through plan execution.

Learning Objectives

• Foster a work environment where diversity and individual differences are valued and leveraged to achieve the vision and mission of the organization
• Organize and participate in a mentoring program for new project and program managers
• Model well-developed oral and written communications skills and foster their development in subordinates
• Mentor individuals and integrated project teams (IPTs) to apply critical thinking to increase overall individual and team performance
• Identify, assess, and resolve programmatic problems and use sound judgment to identify corrective courses of action
• Demonstrate a high level of responsibility and accountability for effective use of program resources
• Manage effective and timely stakeholder relationships that generate buy-in to the business and technical management approach to the program
• Evaluate and remain current on local, national, and international policies and trends that affect the organization and shape stakeholders' views
• Oversee the formulation of organizational objectives and priorities and implement plans consistent with the long-term interests of the organization in a global environment
• Manage to a long-term organizational view that fosters a shared vision and acts as a catalyst for change


Must satisfy the competency requirements for FAC-P/PM Mid-Level