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FPM 333: Progressive Business, Cost, and Financial Management

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FPM 333

Continuous Learning Points (CLPs)


Course Length

3 Days






"It fostered a strong understanding of the topic. Will help me with my work." – 2019 participant

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This three-day course advances the experienced project manager into the business enterprise tasks of leading complex projects and larger, collective programs. Using case studies and simulations, participants will evaluate for merit and evoke risk management strategies resulting in program-level adjustments to financial plans and cost benefit analysis, in preparation for presenting and defending a business case before program stakeholders. Earned value management (EVM) metrics are evaluated, followed by program adjustment decisions based on EVM data. Emphasis is placed on managing cost and financial risks within the broader context of a Total Life-Cycle Systems Management (TLCSM) approach to program management.

Learning Objectives

• Identify, apply, and integrate agency financial policies and directives relevant to the program
• Forecast the need for and direct financial planning exercises, accounting for the risks associated with financial planning
• Assess the coordination actions for the preparation of a comprehensive program specification and the statement of objectives (SOO), or statement of work (SOW), or performance-based statement of work (PBSOW)
• Manage the proper use of funds from each appropriation, as well as interpret appropriations law and the various appropriations categories
• Manage the application of Total Life-Cycle Systems Management (TLCSM) or similar concept, which requires the program manager to base decisions on system-wide analyses and system performance and affordability and manage the program risk of those decisions
• Oversee and facilitate program application of common cost estimation techniques and applications
• Oversee and facilitate program application of common cost analysis techniques and applications
• Evaluate programmatic decisions based on analysis of business cases containing both qualitative and quantitative decision criteria
• Evaluate program application of earned value management (EVM), the criticality of the integrated baseline review (IBR) or similar review process, and how to interpret the EVM indicators and resulting analysis
• Assess for merit a cost-benefit analysis, illustrating the strengths and weaknesses of associated analytical methods, and interpret the analysis results for a stakeholder review


Must satisfy the competency requirements for FAC-P/PM Mid-Level