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FPM 332: Progressive Contracting Strategies for Programs

Course ID

FPM 332

Continuous Learning Points (CLPs)


Course Length

3 Days






"Overall a good course with an accurate flow!" – 2019 participant

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This three-day course provides participants with the knowledge and ability to integrate, evaluate, and lead the program strategy that merges the contract-related components of the program acquisition strategy into a viable approach for program procurement. In a simulated case-study setting, participants will evaluate acquisition planning actions, adjust those plans according to policy and program risk, and then orchestrate source selection of a complex program. Exit criteria are developed and defended, as related to the program’s contracting approach, that balance stakeholder expectations of successive phases in the program lifecycle. Special treatment is given to the acquisition of services that support agency technical and business management requirements, as well as facilitating a negotiated baseline of performance between the operational users and corresponding commercial and organic support providers.

Learning Objectives

• Manage the leadership and processes associated with the integration of program planning and acquisition planning
• Adapt pre-award actions required by the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) considering contract terms and conditions
• Assess the coordination actions for the preparation of a comprehensive program specification and the statement of objectives (SOO), or statement of work (SOW), or performance-based statement of work (PBSOW)
• Orchestrate the preparation, implementation, and justification of contracting approaches within the acquisition strategy, along with an ongoing risk management process
• Evaluate compliance with the application of Federal and agency acquisition policies to meet user/mission requirements when engaged in the acquisition of services
• Collaborate with the program contracting officer and orchestrate the source selection process, commensurate with the complexity of the procurement
• Facilitate the contractual relationship with domestic and international buyers outside the agency that sponsors the program acquisition
• Construct and facilitate a negotiated baseline of performance between the operational users and corresponding commercial and/or organic support providers
• Develop and defend the overall strategy for managing the coordination and development of the contracting strategy, including origination of exit criteria for each acquisition phase as applied to contracting


Must satisfy the competency requirements for FAC-P/PM Mid-Level