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FPM 234: Applied Leadership in Projects and Programs

Course ID

FPM 234

Continuous Learning Points (CLPs)


Course Length

2 Days






"Great class that fostered relevant discussions and articulated concepts." – 2019 participant

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This two-day course provides skills in forming and leading integrated teaming arrangements. Effective communication strategies are used to build alliances, focus decision making, and resolve interpersonal and organizational conflict. Participants will develop critical thinking skills needed to process and synthesize information to arrive at new levels of insight regarding project risks, stakeholder engagement, and the political backdrop that affects projects and programs. Participants will gain mentoring skills to lead their team to arrive at acceptable team solutions with issues that pose risk to project performance, and they will learn to take responsibility and accountability for their performance.

Learning Objectives

• Lead and facilitate an integrated project team toward achievement of project goals
• Apply an effective communications approach to build networks and foster professional alliances
• Apply critical thinking techniques to improve overall individual and team performance
• Construct effective and timely decisions, adjusting for time-sensitive situations or when relevant information is limited
• Demonstrate the ability to develop new insights and question conventional approaches, while encouraging new ideas and innovations to design and implement new or cutting-edge plans and processes
• Mentor others to accept recommendations, cooperate or change their behavior, work with them toward an agreement, and negotiate to find mutually acceptable solutions
• Foster the talent of others to perform by providing ongoing, effective feedback
• Resolve interpersonal conflicts, grievances, and confrontations to minimize negative personnel and organizational impact
• Determine the impact that stakeholder relations have on programmatic success
• Identify and effectively leverage the internal and external political environment that impacts the project


Must satisfy the competency requirements for FAC-P/PM Entry-Level