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FPM 233: Applications in Business, Cost, and Financial Management

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FPM 233

Continuous Learning Points (CLPs)


Course Length

3 Days






"Material is dense and thoughtful which helped me to obtain a better understanding." – 2019 participant

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This three-day course will allow participants to develop application and analysis skills in estimating cost and using cost-related information to formulate and manage project financials and assemble a viable business case. Participants will work through the steps of project budget formulation, execution, and financial reporting in compliance with Office of Management and Budget (OMB) guidance and procedure. Participants will also apply earned value management (EVM) skills as a tool for tracking contractor performance, managing risk, and adjusting project strategy. Participants will apply their skills managing the operational business dynamics inherent within the scope of Federal projects in team-based practical exercises.

Learning Objectives

• Construct and present for evaluation a viable business case based on sound cost-benefit analysis, containing both qualitative and quantitative decision criteria
• Formulate and use cost estimating processes, methods, techniques, and analytical principles
• Integrate the common forms of cost estimating and cost analysis into the formulation of financial programs and budgets, budget analysis, and execution
• Analyze and allocate funds within the appropriations categories and correctly commit and obligate funds from each appropriation
• Apply and track a program according to applicable agency policy for financial planning, budget development, budget execution, and OMB Circular A-11 application
• Track project compliance with applicable Federal and agency earned value management (EVM) policies and processes
• Assist in the preparation for and participate in an Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) or similar review for performance measurement
• Apply the basic concepts of EVM, including cost and schedule project status indicators, and illustrate how EVM relates to managing project risk
• Employ techniques to adjust project strategies when EVM indicators indicate high risk or threaten breach of a project threshold


2 years of project or program management experience in the last 5 years