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FPM 134: Fundamentals of Leading Projects and Programs

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FPM 134

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2 Days





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This two-day course provides the foundation for leadership, which is critical to the success of all high-performing program and project managers. Specific topics covered are problem-solving, conflict management, interpersonal skills, resilience, flexibility, accountability, customer service, and oral and written communication. Exercises are used to emphasize the importance of other essential leadership skills including: teamwork; collaboration and communication; personality types and preferences; negotiation skills; and organizational and team structures for optimum performance.

Learning Objectives

• Explain the role of leadership in project management
• Hold project team members accountable for results
• Recognize when different conflict management approaches are most effective
• Use effective oral and written communication skills with stakeholders
• Discuss leadership techniques to maximize customer satisfaction


1 year of project management experience in the last 5 years