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FPM 131: Fundamentals of Project and Program Management

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FPM 131

Continuous Learning Points (CLPs)


Course Length

4 Days






"Excellent course – would recommend to others because of the flow of information!" – 2019 participant

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This four-day course provides the foundation for effective requirements development, systems management, and introduction to the lifecycle of Federal Government projects.

Learning Objectives

• Illustrate the Federal acquisition process and the key planning documentation used by program managers
• Describe the roles and responsibilities of project managers across the project lifecycle
• Define and develop the foundations of a project plan, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), budget, schedule, and other resources
• Manage and control the project against the baseline
• Analyze the role of the program manager in developing and managing requirements
• Discusses key technical management processes and tools used in systems engineering
• Evaluate the importance of the test and evaluation process in acquisition decisions
• Discuss and apply Total Life-Cycle Systems Management (TLCSM)
• Close out a project effectively


1 year of project management experience in the last 5 years