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FPM 121: Acquisition Fundamentals of Project and Program Management

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FPM 121

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Course Length

5 Days





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This five-day course builds on and covers the basic concepts participants learned in FPM 120A and FPM 120B. Participants will now apply the concepts in team-based practical exercises. This course provides the basic knowledge and skills needed by an entry-level project manager to successfully manage a small project or be an effective member of an integrated project team (IPT). Upon successful completion of this course, you will clearly understand how to fulfill entry-level program/project management obligations.

Learning Objectives

• Integrate multiple roles and responsibilities as invested resources to make program/project decisions
• Develop elements of key program/project management deliverables to plan a program or project throughout its lifecycle
• Define the process for developing program specification requirements and a performance work statement that defines the project, addressing roles and missions
• Describe the source selection process, acquisition planning, market research, request for proposal (RFP), and evaluation of proposals and contract award
• Justify program/project management decisions as part of problem-solving exercises
• Connect principles of systems engineering to monitoring and controlling a program/project
• Examine program/project performance in terms of cost, schedule, and scope
• Interpret information in case studies, real-world scenarios, and project summaries to determine best solutions for the program/project


FPM 120A, FPM 120B