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Real Estate Finance and Marketing Fundamentals

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This five-day, elective course is intended to provide government leasing professionals with the ability to analyze the financial viability of real estate investment opportunities. The skills learned here will help participants to understand the best investment opportunities for the benefit of the government. The course provides a complete toolkit to perform a comprehensive financial feasibility analysis. This broad view of the financial elements of real estate combined with the fundamentals of real estate marketing will serve as a powerful combination for government professionals who are responsible for substantial real estate contracts.

Learning Objectives

• Grasp basic accounting concepts and understand how good accounting practices provide for accurate lease payment assessments and contract oversight
• Understand the importance of real estate financing and purchase decisions
• Comprehend the principles of time value of money (TVM). Know how net present value (NPV) and future present value (FPV) effect the actual cost of a lease
• Determine how the internal rate of return (IRR) is used in capital budgeting to estimate the profitability of a potential real estate investment. Utilize this calculation to help assess how much lessors should receive in annual lease payments
• Know how to compute the estimated cost of real estate using replace costs, appraised costs, and perceived investment value
• Comprehend basic real estate market fundamentals and what drives real estate purchase prices and lease costs
• Understand where reliable real estate market information can be obtained
• Determine how to conduct proper market research for a GSA lease, including utilizing market base, potential discounts, and premiums to establish proper negotiation objectives