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FCN 412: Lease Administration

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5 Days





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This five-day course provides a general overview of how to properly prepare for, document, and administer GSA Leases from an oversight and performance perspective. The participant will understand how to take the lease administration steps needed using the GSA Circulars, Leasing Desk Guide, and Lease File Checklist. Numerous audits have found that lease files are not properly maintained, and realty transactions not properly supported. Therefore, lease contracting officers need to understand the entire lease and realty acquisition process from pre-award to contract completion and closeout.

Learning Objectives

• Understand the purpose behind maintaining well documented lease contracting files. Included will be a general discussion of the elements of a well-documented
lease file and the necessary steps to properly document lease acquisitions
• Comprehend how to properly prepare for lease administration. Identifying the lease type, knowledge of lease clauses to be used, buildout requirements, and different steps in the pre-award and post-award administration
• Learn how to properly apply a lease checklist. For example, reviewing leases for safety requirements, buildout specifications, service responsibilities, etc.
• Determine what are the proper requirements needed for lease post award administration and how LCOs should work with all parties involved to ensure that lessees receive the intend services
• Understand how to correctly document contract files, prepare price negotiation memorandums, reference contract documents back to GSA requirements, file
contract documents in accordance with contract file table of contents, track contract performance to a project schedule, keep all stakeholders informed of the contract
performance, finalize lease documents, and terminate a lease contract and moveout