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FCN 411: Federal Real Property Lease Law

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5 Days






"All GSA Lease Associates should take this course."
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discussions were great!" – 2019 participants

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This five-day course will explain the genesis of lease law and discuss the legal implications of the solicitation process. This course will also detail the dispute resolution process, legal principles involved in contract interpretation, and the legal implications of leasing clauses. Included in this course is an understanding of why lease law exists and how it is properly applied, use of lease law in the solicitation process, legal implications of common GSA lease clauses, and the concept of damages and remedies.

Learning Objectives

• Understand the foundations of lease acquisition law, what are common law leases, elements of a valid lease, and current lease law principles
• Apply lease law during solicitations
• Understand the impact of lease reform on lease law
• Determine the impact of the Lease Law on Lease Acquisition models
• Understand how to properly prevent protests and if filed, how to defend against
• Comprehend the ethics and integrity requirements of lease contracting officers (LCOs)
• Determine what fiscal law statutes apply to lease acquisitions
• Ascertain legal aspects of lease administration to include monitoring contractor performance, management of change orders and unauthorized commitments, novation agreements, estoppels, and lease interpretations