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FCN 409: Negotiating Federal Real Property Leases

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5 Days






"I learned how to be a better negotiator while earning my credits towards a warrant." – 2019 participant

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This five-day course provides participants with the basics in lease contract negotiation techniques. This includes specific course information about lease negotiations to include competition range determinations, development of a negotiation plan, how to properly conduct discussions with lessors, and what techniques can be used in a noncompetitive lease situation. This course also includes casework on the importance of market research and analysis, types of leases and how they are negotiated, content and structure of the RLP package, and negotiation basics.

Learning Objectives

• Discuss how LCOs can properly prepare for Negotiations
• Determine what LCOs should and shouldn’t exchange prior to negotiations, tailoring negotiations, tradeoff methods, profit as an element, fair annual rent factors, and researching for fact finding
• Determine how to successfully negotiate a non-competitive lease that is fair to both the government and the lessor. Included in this objective are understanding of rent cost elements, responsibilities of the principle negotiator, and face to face negotiation techniques
• Apply proper procedures for documenting negotiation results in a price negotiation memorandum (PNM)
• Apply competitive discussions as a form of negotiations in lease acquisitions
• Understanding how to communicate assessment results, including tradeoff assessments, utilization of past performance, relationship between price and technical evaluations, and how to obtain interim proposal revisions
• Use negotiations in other lease types like the simplified lease model and succeeding and superseding leases
• Proper negotiation techniques in lease post award efforts