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The Anti-Deficiency Act

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This two-day, elective course is designed to provide an overview of the Anti-Deficiency Act (ADA). Included are discussions on the Federal appropriations and budget process, key features of the ADA, how to comply with ADA requirements, how to avoid ADA violations (including violations of time, amount, and purpose of appropriations), and how to investigate and/or report suspected ADA violations. Participants are given opportunities to analyze real-world scenarios through hands-on exercises in order to identify potential ADA violations and develop strategies for avoiding them within their own agencies. Selected GAO ADA reports from FY16 are reviewed and discussed to provide context for the kinds of violations that are reported as well as the administrative and/or criminal sanctions imposed on responsible individuals.

Learning Objectives

• Explain the key features of the ADA
• Describe the Federal appropriations and budgeting process
• Understand how to avoid ADA violations
• Manage ADA violations and reporting requirements
• Apply provisions of the ADA to agency situations
• Understand investigation requirements for ADA violations
• Recognize exceptions to the ADA