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Fundamentals of Budget Formulation and Execution

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This four-day, elective course helps financial managers and budget analysts understand the importance of having accurate budget formulation and a solid execution strategy. This course walks through the relevant legislation and financial principles associated with proper budget formulation. Using best practices and collaborative tools, a good budget formulation lays the foundation for excellent execution strategies. The execution phase of budgeting covers distribution of funds, accounting, accountability, and red flags. Participants learn the skills necessary to ensure agency compliance with legislation and agency policies on budget formulation and execution.

Learning Objectives

• Learn the key terminology and elements of the Federal budget process
• Understand the applicable legislation governing Federal budget formulation
• Explain the Federal budget process
• Understand any agency-specific policies with respect to budget formulation
• Understand the importance of and key features of an excellent budget formulation
• Determine what constitutes a good budget formulation
• Understand the steps to transition from formulation to execution of a budget
• Apply best practices when enforcing a solid execution strategy
• Understand the roles in the budget formulation and execution phases