Signing a Contract

Source Evaluation and Selection (Advanced)

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3 Days






"I loved all the examples. I would highly recommend this course to any 1102 or COR." – 2018 participant

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This three-day, elective course builds on participants’ learning on subjects of source selection planning, comprehension of standards and factors, best practices for preparation of offers, and how to conduct communications with those who are making offers. Source Evaluation and Selection (Advanced) builds on the prior knowledge of source selection as well as the legal basis for the process of source selection. Additionally, participants will learn how to make Best Value Proposals and debriefings in the most effective way. Participants use hands-on case studies and discussions to learn the best way to complete a source selection.

Learning Objectives

• Understand the performance standards for the acquisition system as set forth in the FAR
• Identify the major impacts of the following three laws on our acquisition approach
• Identify the type of acquisitions that should not use source selection procedures
• Describe the value adjusted total evaluated price VATEP source selection procedure and identify its position of the best value continuum
• Discuss how lack of adequate resources impacts an agency’s ability to mitigate the risk of unsuccessful contractor performance
• Discuss “best practices” agencies can implement to improve tracking of contractor performance
• Identify the two major categories of contract types and discuss the role risk assessment plays in determining which type contract to use and how mitigation impacts the technical, cost/price and past performance
evaluations in a source selection
• Identify the methods of rating proposals and the narrative associated with each rating methodology
• Identify the timeframes that the government has an opportunity to communicate with offerors as well as other important communications between the contractor and the government