Signing a Contract

Simplified Acquisition Procedures (Advanced)

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This five-day, elective course calls upon the solid foundation established in the Basic Simplified Acquisition course and participants’ procurement experience to date, which is used to engage in discussions and problem-solving situations. The course focuses on the importance of understanding the more advanced issues associated with conducting purchases using simplified acquisition procedures, the reporting of those actions, and the standards of ethical conduct for all Government employees. It also covers commercial open market purchases, including those above the micro-purchase threshold and up to the expanded threshold for commercial items. Completion of this course will further assist in participants’ understanding of why you are required to accomplish certain tasks, like specific purchasing requirements for equipment and services and building confidence in purchasing decisions.

Learning Objectives

• Describe simplified acquisition procedures for (a) open market purchases and (b) competed requirements
• Solicit both (a) offers to purchase and (b) offers for one or more types of leasing arrangements
• Review proposed business management and technical evaluation factors
• Develop and conduct negotiation objectives for simplified acquisitions
• Conduct monitoring, inspection, and acceptance of supplies and services rendered by the contractor
• Review and approve payment in accordance with Fast Payment procedures
• Close out acquisitions with possible modifications, cancelations, and negotiations
• Determine surveillance needed for effective contract administration and follow-up procedures