Signing a Contract

Scope of Services

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This two-day, elective course is focused on giving contracting professionals a roadmap for the optimal creation of a scope of services (SOS). What makes an effective SOS? This course not only covers the elements of an SOS, but also the features that make it a strong foundational document in the sourcing process. The SOS must always define the contractor’s obligations and be definitive enough to protect the agency’s interests. The SOS must provide clear, complete directions so that the contractor using the SOS alone can finish the job in an effective and efficient manner. This course covers the various types of SOSs and the considerations, planning, and preparation involved with each. Further, it discusses the need for technical evaluation factors, their relationship to the service statement, and their importance in defining the right job and getting the right people to carry it out.

Learning Objectives

• Describe the importance of a clear, precise, well-written statement of services (SOS)
• Distinguish between types of SOSs
• Identify the four basic questions to be answered when developing an SOS
• Explain the basic requirements and language elements of a well-written SOS
• Explain what the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is and how it can assist in writing a high-quality SOS
• Compare and contrast types of requirements – completion or term
• Define types of requirements
• Explain what advisory and assistance services are
• Contrast personal and nonpersonal services
• Discuss policy on use of services type contracts
• Discuss the four main groups of evaluation factors that must be in the request for proposal (RFP)