Signing a Contract

Roles and Responsibilities for Non-Contract Specialists

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This two-day, elective course is designed for non-contract specialist personnel who work on contracts with contract managers. This course focuses on the key elements of contract management and how this role engages with other roles in the organization. Through this course, participants will see the larger picture of how they work with and contribute to the overall strategy and outcomes of a contract. Key to this understanding is effective communication and expectation management.

Learning Objectives

• Understand the basic concepts of the Federal acquisition process and the key planning documentation used by contract managers
• Describe the roles and responsibilities of contract managers across the project lifecycle and who they interact with at each stage
• Analyze the role of the contract manager in developing and managing requirements and deliverables and how this impacts other key personnel such as non-contract specialists
• Justify contract management decisions as part of problem-solving exercises
• Learn how to establish and communicate contract goals
• Interpret information in case studies, real-world scenarios, and project summaries for practical action
• Learn how to build strong contract management teams among varying personality types