Signing a Contract

Performance-Based Service Acquisition

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3 Days






"Although I didn’t know much about PBA contracts, I feel like I obtained a plethora of information." – 2019 participant

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This three-day, elective course discusses the outcomes of the Government Performance Results Act (GPRA), which generated increased agency use of performance-based acquisition (PBA) methods to ensure achievement of contractual objectives. This course includes the latest PBA guidance and samples issued by the Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP). The PBA acquisition process is covered in detail to provide in depth explanation of the benefits (and challenges) of PBA contracting. Through lecture, quizzes, and exercises, participants learn how PBA contracting relates to program and procurement activities. In addition, this course teaches how to determine if a requirement is a candidate for the PBA contracting method.

Learning Objectives

• Describe the history, purpose and benefits of PBA contracting
• Explain performance work statements (PWSs)
• Develop performance indicators, standards, and acceptable quality levels
• Define the roles of various participants in the PBA process
• Discuss positive and negative incentives used in performance-based contracting
• Determine whether agency requirements are appropriate for the PBA method