Signing a Contract

Negotiation Techniques

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5 Days






"This course was valuable and will help me in my current job, improving negotiation skills." – 2019 participant

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This five-day, elective course teaches acquisition professionals how to use negotiation techniques to reach mutually beneficial agreements with vendors, internal departments, colleagues, and other stakeholders. This course focuses on finding creative, integrative solutions that satisfy each party's interests and needs, resulting in the best possible negotiated outcome. This interactive course includes dynamic hands-on negotiating exercises that allow participants to apply collaborative problem-solving techniques to realistic acquisition challenges.

Learning Objectives

• Given the textbook, describe general negotiation concepts
• Given proposals, technical evaluation reports, the RFP, and results of a cost or price analysis, prepare for and conduct fact-finding sessions
• Given an RFP, contractor proposals, the technical analysis, a completed cost/price analysis (including recommended price-related negotiation objectives), and other analyses of the proposals, develop a negotiation plan based on an assessment of the government's priorities and the strengths and weaknesses of all parties involved in the negotiations
• Recognize and interpret nonverbal cues used by participants (including self)
• When representing the government in a contract negotiation, negotiate win/win outcomes for the government
• Select and apply tactics, recognize tactics used by the other party, and counter win/lose tactics used by the other party
• Given a solicitation, quotation/proposal, analysis report, pre-negotiation plan, and the pre-negotiation strategy, select and correctly apply tactics to accomplish the government's negotiation strategy