Signing a Contract

Monitoring and Documenting Contractor Performance

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3 Days






"Really liked this course, given that its content is applicable for my current position." – 2019 participant

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This three-day, elective course helps contracting officers (COs) gain skills to ensure that their contracts are performed according to the terms and conditions set by the contractor and the government. No matter what type of contract is involved, good planning for management of the contract is essential. The contracting officer is responsible for administering the contract. However, assistance is occasionally required from special disciplines depending on the complexity and technical requirements of the contract. The contracting officer’s representative (COR) has an important role as a member of the contracting officer's team. The COR must monitor a contractor's progress and assure that the government receives the quality of service(s) or product(s) in accordance with contractual provisions.

Learning Objectives

• Understand the responsibilities of Federal acquisition personnel for monitoring and documenting the contractor's performance
• Learn the standards of conduct that apply to monitoring and documenting the contractor's performance
• Understand the steps in planning to monitor and document performance
• Understand the terms and procedures for conducting performance assessments for performance-based contracts
• Be able to implement contract terms that govern oversight of the contractor
• Understand how to monitor and document the contractor's progress, costs, management of government furnished property, and fraudulent behavior
• Learn how to inspect and accept contract deliverables
• Know what should be done when monitoring uncovers problems
• Understand documentation required at closeout related to the contractor's performance