Signing a Contract

Intermediate Quality Assurance and Risk Management

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4 Days






"I found that I could relate topics learned to my job. It will make me a better worker." – 2019 participant

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This four-day, elective course for government acquisition personnel is designed to give participants thorough insight into how a contractor prepares a proposal and how they analyze the requirements document to find the high-cost, high-risk areas. Participants will also learn not only how to avoid the common mistakes that lead to higher costs, but also how to anticipate how the contractor, especially technically oriented contractors, will read the requirements document and use this to prepare the quote. This knowledge will give participants immense leverage in keeping the project costs down. This course uses facilitated lecture and interactive exercises and case studies to illustrate the risk management process and the value of a performance-based assessment. See how QA should be introduced at each step of the acquisition process.

Learning Objectives

• Learn how to identify the high-risk, high-cost areas in requirements documents and what to do about them
• Identify the language in a performance work statement/statement of work (PWS/SOW) that drives risks and thus costs higher
• Identify and target the most risky contract terms and conditions
• Know the many options available to keep costs down
• Find excessive costs and how to negotiate them down
• Understand steps to ensure quality measures are taken at all milestones and resolve quality issues
• Apply performance assessment in performance-based contracts
• Implement contract terms
• Monitor and document progress, costs, government-furnished property, and fraud
• Perform a QA inspection and acceptance of deliverables