Signing a Contract

Ethics in Contracting

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This one-day, elective course examines Federal ethics law, including procurement integrity and current ethical issues in Federal contracting. Participants explore the following topics in this course: conflict of interest, gifts, safeguarding information, restrictions on employment, and working for a contractor after government service. Additional miscellaneous issues may be covered. This training, at a broad level, also explains what ethics are and why they are important. This course covers the difference between integrity and ethics, the history behind both, and why both are needed in the Federal acquisition field.

Learning Objectives

• Define integrity and ethics and distinguish the difference
• Define “procurement integrity”
• Understand the importance of procurement
• Being able to comprehend all rules
• Identify conflicts of interest
• Identify and remedy financial conflicts
• Discuss impartiality issues and why this is an important consideration
• Understanding the do’s and don’ts of gifts
• Explore strategies for safeguarding information in best implementation practices for safeguarding policies
• Discuss importance of restrictions on employment
• Discuss miscellaneous issues; fundraising, letters of recommendation, outside employment, organizational conflict of interest, disclosure and nondisclosure, and sexual harassment
• Identify resources for further assistance