Signing a Contract

Equitable Adjustments in Federal Government Contracts

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This three-day, elective course helps contracting officers manage inevitable changes through the course of a contract lifecycle. Therefore, it is important that contracting officers understand how changes effect contract scope, modifications, and constructive changes. Participants will use engaging exercises with negotiation techniques to make changes to existing contracts and ensure equitable adjustments to the contract. This course is designed for contracting professionals, including contract specialists and contracting officer’s representatives, who are involved in administering or overseeing contracts of any type.

Learning Objectives

• Discuss types of changes to contracts
• Examine what causes changes to Federal contracts
• Learn how to effectively administer contract changes
• Participate in a dynamic exercise: What Kind of Change?
• When representing the government in a contract negotiation, negotiate win/win outcomes for the government
• Select and apply tactics, recognize tactics used by the other party, and counter win/lose tactics used by the other party
• Given a contract’s, pre-award negotiation plan, and the pre-negotiation strategy, select and correctly apply tactics to accomplish the government's negotiation strategy post award