Signing a Contract

Cost and Price Analysis

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5 Days






"Excellent course that anyone in acquisitions/ contracting would benefit." – 2019 participant

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This five-day, elective course introduces participants to quantitative techniques and tools used to facilitate decision making in determining a fair and reasonable price. Cost and Price Analysis is divided into three segments addressing contract pricing issues from a Pre-Award, Negotiation Preparation-Award, and Post-Award perspective. Participants apply various cost analysis techniques and quantitative tools to analyze a contractor’s cost proposal and to develop a government negotiation range and objective. The course is designed to give the participants some practical tools in pricing government contracts. The ultimate objective of the course is to help participants become better business advisors in developing contract arrangements that are in the best interest of the government.

Learning Objectives

• Apply price-related factors
• Integrate contract planning process and conduct market research for price analysis
• Recognize and apply contract cost principles
• Discuss and apply contract pricing strategies for optimal outcomes for the interests of the government
• Understand impacts of direct and indirect labor and material costs