Signing a Contract

Contract Disputes and Terminations

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2 Days






"The material case studies were very instructional." – 2019 participant

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This two-day, elective course provides contracting professionals with the skills needed to identify the appropriate actions during a contract protest and to carry out effective disputes. Disputes can stem from a number of issues, which will be explained in the sessions. This course explores the “Bruce Rule” and the “Rice Doctrine” that are often applied to situations demanding reasonable adjustments. Participants will also explore the Contract Disputes Act, which essentially is the handbook for handling a claim. This course takes it a step further and discusses the consequences of a dispute that cannot be resolved or is resolved not in favor of the contractor. This course will also discuss termination of the contract and how to use the tools of mediation and dispute resolution to reach an amicable and professional separation agreement.

Learning Objectives

• Identify, define, and determine fair and equitable treatment, common protest errors, protest types, authorities, and forums
• Apply procedures for bringing and resolving protests, documentation requirements, and best practices to avoid and mitigate protests
• Explain the Contract Disputes Act and resolution processes, and common mistakes and measures to avoid or mitigate disputes and claims
• Document and process claims and effectively settle disputes
• Identify and define contract breaches, defaults, remedies, termination types, required documentation, and settlement processes
• Apply methods and tools to recover monies owed the government, timelines, approvals, and common termination errors