Signing a Contract

Construction Claims

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3 Days






"Overall, a great class. It was challenging and mentally stimulating." – 2019 participant

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This three-day, elective course provides both contracting and program personnel with knowledge and skills necessary to recognize the legal and practical implications of government contract claims. This course dives into the specific application of construction contracting and the inherent differences in planning, negotiating, awarding, and avoiding claims. This course uses engaging exercises, review and application of case law, and dynamic facilitator-led discussions to further reinforce the learning objectives.

Learning Objectives

• Explain what constitutes a claim
• Discuss the rules for preparing a claim
• Respond to the filing of a claim
• Understand the background and general process of construction contract claims
• Apply knowledge to issue and accept equitable adjustments
• Should a claim arise, know the steps and alternative actions to claim resolution
• Identify claims that exist under circumstances other than the changes clause
• Understand the role of the Board of Contract Appeals and what to expect when working with this entity
• Understand the role of the United States Court of Federal Claims and what to expect when working with this entity
• Apply cost analysis to the construction contract to ensure proper standing and ensure best value to the government
• Use expectation management and communication techniques to avoid claims