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CON 360: Contracting for Decision Makers

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CON 360

Continuous Learning Points (CLPs)


Course Length

8 Days






"I really enjoyed this course. I thought it was fun, which led to better retention of material." - 2019 participant

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This eight-day course utilizes realistic scenario-based learning. Participants work individually and in teams to practice developing sound business solutions as a valued strategic and expert business advisor. Participants learn to analyze complex contracting situations with emphasis on critical thinking, problem solving, research, and risk reduction. Participant course work is designed to contribute real solutions on real acquisition problems to senior leadership and local supervisors.

Learning Objectives

• Apply critical thinking skills to a contracting related
problem in a graded written paper and verbal presentation with supporting media
• Apply problem solving methods to a contracting related problem in a graded written paper and verbal presentation with supporting media
• Understand how risk mitigation techniques are applied to contracting related problem
• Correctly evaluate a contracting dilemma that complies with rules of ethics in contracting
• Grasp how to contribute in a collaborative environment by providing timely written and verbal feedback to team members and the class
• Understand how to successfully identify various methods of motivating and alleviating employee stress for individuals who are dealing with constant change in the contracting work environment
• Apply an industry and senior government contracting leader perspective to an assigned contracting policy issue in a graded written paper and a verbal presentation with supporting media
• Manage information and knowledge for currency in acquisition and contracting in order to prepare and deliver presentations on current issues in contracting as measured by rubric handout






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