Signing a Contract

CON 290: Contract Administration and Negotiation Techniques in a Supply Environment

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CON 290

Continuous Learning Points (CLPs)


Course Length

10 Days






"I feel like I actually learned something." - 2019 participant

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This ten-day case-based course applies contracting concepts and techniques learned in prerequisite courses to meet customer supply requirements and resolve complex contracting issues. Special emphasis is placed on applying legal concepts from CON 216, intermediate pricing concepts from CON 270, and negotiation techniques from HBS 428 (Harvard Business School course 428: Negotiating). Participants experience the full spectrum of contracting processes and issues by following a supply requirement through all phases of the acquisition life-cycle, from acquisition planning through contract closeout, research, analysis, and communication skills are honed through development and presentation of a critical thinking project requiring in-depth focus on one area of contracting. Negotiation skills are sharpened through active participant participation in two simulated contract negotiations.

Learning Objectives

• Determine whether to contract without providing for full & open competition
• Evaluate a J&A for FAR subpart 6.3 compliance
• Select an appropriate contracting method and type of financing
• Select an appropriate DFARS data rights license
• Identify basic negotiation techniques recommended for negotiating government contracts and prepare fact-finding for negotiation
• Determine whether to pay a contractor’s performance-based payment request
• Develop a contract administration plan
• Conduct a post-award orientation
• Determine whether fraud has occurred
• Determine alternatives available for making out-of-scope changes
• Calculate the lost efficiency resulting from a contract change
• Evaluate government’s termination options and settlement methods and procedures
• Calculate firm-price-incentive final contract price and profit
• Determine whether a contract may be closed out


ACQ 101, CLC 051, CLC 056, CON 200, CON 216, HBS 428