Signing a Contract

CON 280: Source Selection and Acquisition of Service Contracts

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CON 280

Continuous Learning Points (CLPs)


Course Length

10 Days






"Really liked the negotiation aspect." - 2019 participant

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This ten-day course builds on the foundation established through the Level I curriculum and the course prerequisites. The primary focus of this course is on the acquisition of services under FAR part 15 procedure, with an emphasis on performance-based acquisitions (PBA) for services, contract types, contract incentives, source selection, and contract administration. Participants learn the fundamentals of a performance-based service acquisition - from acquisition planning to contract closeout - through a realistic case study. The course takes participants through the solicitation process using the mandatory DoD source selection procedures. Participants prepare contractual documents and develop and deliver high-level source selection briefings with recommendations for contract award.

Learning Objectives

• Identify the appropriate source selection team roles and responsibilities
• Using the results of market research, assess the industry’s environment and determine availability of sources
• Decide the appropriate acquisition strategy that maximizes small business participation
• Determine a performance-based approach that meets the customer’s mission requirement
• Utilizing the DAU Performance Requirements Roadmap, generate performance-based metrics mirroring best commercial practices
• Assess the financial implications of various types of contract and incentive arrangements
• Based on evaluation reports and documents, determine what to include in debriefings and differentiate between protest processes
• Compose contract administration requirements, conduct contract administrative functions, and determine the need for contract modifications
• After contract performance is complete, determine contract closeout procedures


ACQ 101, CLC 051, CLC 056, CON 200, CON 216, HBS 428