Signing a Contract

CON 244: Construction Contracting

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CON 244

Continuous Learning Points (CLPs)


Course Length

5 Days






"Great mix of lecture, activities, case study, etc." - 2019 participant

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This five-day course focuses on unique construction contracting issues, such as acquisition planning, contract performance management, funding, environmental concerns, construction contract language, construction contracting in the commercial setting, the Construction Wage Rate Requirements Statute, design/build, basic schedule delay analysis, constructive changes, acceleration, and construction contract quality management.

Learning Objectives

• Explain the environment and rules for contracting for construction
• Administer clauses unique to construction contracting
• Select criteria for a construction contractor and negotiate, award, manage, and administer a contract to satisfy the needs of the government in accordance with Federal acquisition laws, regulations, and where applicable, best business practices
• Understand the policies and procedures that cover construction contracts and what goes into planning for a construction contract acquisition
• Determine what are the correct contract administration procedures for construction contracts, from writing the performance work statement (PWS), to solicitation and selection procedures, to quality management of the contract


CON 127, CON 216, CLC 056