Signing a Contract

CON 216: Legal Considerations in Contracting

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CON 216

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5 Days






"I thoroughly enjoyed this course as much of the information gained from it will aid me as I advance my career." - 2019 participant

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This five-day course focuses on legal considerations in the procurement process. Participants are introduced to the basic principles and sources of law relevant to procurement, including fiscal law. The course also addresses various other legal issues that may develop during the course of a contract, such as protests, assignment of claims, disputes, fraud, contractor debt, performance issues, and contract termination.

Learning Objectives

• Discuss the legal and ethical principles that apply to government contracts
• Identify essential fiscal laws that apply to contracts
• Identify legal considerations related to intellectual property
• Identify different processes by which challenges may be filed against a Federal acquisition
• Define the legal obligations of both parties when a contract performance issue arises
• Discuss formal dispute resolution procedures under the Contract Disputes Statute
• Identify criminal, civil, and administrative remedies for contract fraud
• Select the processes and procedures for terminating a contract
• Choose the appropriate tool for recovering monies owed the government