Signing a Contract

CON 200: Business Decisions for Contracting

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CON 200

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3 Days






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This three-day course builds on contracting Level I pre-award business and contracting knowledge necessary to process complex procurements. The emphasis of this course is on planning successful mission-support strategies and executing an acquisition that optimizes customer mission performance. Participants learn various techniques for building successful business relationships, the benefits of strategic sourcing and spend analysis, and the ins and outs of providing contract financing. Participants also take an in-depth look at subcontracting, how to conduct a formal source selection, and how to analyze the information necessary to determine contractor responsibility.

Learning Objectives

• Identify the importance of a good business relationship in achieving the customer’s performance expectations
• Identify how strategic sourcing can improve the quality and cost related to the purchase of goods and services
• Identify the principles of Performance-Based Acquisition (PBA) that will apply to a complex services acquisition
• Identify the techniques that can be used to manage risk on an acquisition project
• Identify the impact of a contract financing decision on the acquisition process
• Determine the appropriate contractual arrangement to support customer needs
• Identify the implications on the acquisition process of a decision to include government furnished property
• Determine the impact of small business socioeconomic programs on contracting decisions and how small businesses can support an acquisition
• Determine the subcontracting requirements that apply to an acquisition
• Determine the appropriate source selection methodology
• Determine if a prospective contractor is responsible


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