Signing a Contract

CON 124: Contract Execution

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CON 124

Continuous Learning Points (CLPs)


Course Length

2 Days






“This class helped me to
learn how to be more
analytical with researching responses.”
– 2019 participant

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This two-day course focuses on executing the acquisition planning through soliciting industry and awarding a contract. It provides participants with the knowledge necessary to execute an acquisition that optimizes customer mission performance. Participants learn the techniques and benefits of early industry involvement in shaping requirements. Participants learn how to apply the basic procedures for acquisition of both commercial and noncommercial requirements, effectively conduct analysis of market data, and determine when a price is fair and reasonable. Finally, participants will learn how to conduct basic competitive acquisitions, process awards, and handle protests before and after contract award.

Learning Objectives

• Determine if the purchase request package can be accepted and processed
• Determine the applicable methods for exchanging information with the vendor
• Determine the components and procedures for preparing an oral or written solicitation
• Determine the procedures for processing solicitation responses
• Determine the analytical techniques that are used to evaluate contractors’ proposals to ensure that both the government and contractor receive a fair and reasonable price
• Complete the price analysis of a contractor’s proposal in order to establish price objective for negotiation
• Determine the elements of a negotiation strategy
• Determine the procedure taken for contract award


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