Signing a Contract

Agile Contracting

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2 Days






"The learned concepts will help me in applying it with my current contract and future ones." - 2019 participant

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This two-day elective course addresses what Agile development is and how it helps the government achieve efficient outcomes. For contracting personnel, Agile development stresses the value of frequent collaboration between the contractor, end user, and contracting officer. Agile contracting seeks to deliver working solutions frequently, from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, with a preference to the shorter timescale. This is sometimes referred to as "Build a little/Test a little," where participants assess short-term milestones to determine if they are moving towards expected outcome of the larger program. In some cases, short-term deliverables may show that the long-term program goals are not achievable without being tailored. The program office has to be ready to deal with these issues and the contracting officer has to be ready to deal with any impact of the contract. This means that contracts must be written in ways to provide flexibility to both parties when outcomes, timeframes, or costs must be adjusted.

Learning Objectives

• Define Agile development and explain how it helps the government get better outcomes with less expense
• Identify projects best suited to Agile
• Describe how Agile differs from traditional contracting processes
• Explain how Agile complies with the requirements of the FAR
• Learn where to find more information and assistance to see if Agile processes will benefit the organization
• Ensure contract success through contractor accountability of non-defined tasks
• Create a clear view of the working principles of the project with well-defined roles and responsibilities
• Create a solid governance structure to ensure transparency
• Set clear milestones to ensure forward progress of the contract
• Define the end result warranty to ensure receipt of what was desired