Signing a Contract

Advanced COR Refresher

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5 Days





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This five-day, elective course is targeted at senior CORs who require deeper insight than the traditional COR Refresher course. This course focuses on advanced-level issues and responsibilities for multiple contracts, larger contracts, and contracts of a complex or technical nature. It is designed to help experienced CORs maintain their required continuous learning points (CLPs).

Learning Objectives

• Review COR responsibilities in acquisition mission support planning in a complex contracting environment
• List the requirements for preparing a statement of work or statement of objectives for a highly technical solicitation
• Identify COR responsibilities supporting the planning and submission of contract changes documents needed to negotiate a modification and determine if changes are within the scope of the contract
• Review the importance of the COR as a representative of the contracting officer during performance of the contract
• Given a contract action, identify the delegated technical functions for which the COR is responsible
• Describe the administrative duties of the COR as outlined in the delegation letter and how are these different or the same for highly complex or visible contracts
• Review technical submittals to ensure compliance with statement of work and contract objectives
• Review the elements of a Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP)/performance assessment plan (PAP) and the strategic importance in technical contracts
• Define the role and authority of CORs regarding past performance
• Describe a COR’s responsibilities in inspecting and accepting supplies and services on a complex contract or task order
• Identify major requirements for timely invoice review and payments
• Identify how a COR deals with non-compliance or poor performance and the importance of detailed documentation when dealing with a highly technical or complex contract key planning documentation used by program managers