Signing a Contract

ACQ 370: Acquisition Law

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ACQ 370

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5 Days





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This five-day course is targeted at acquisition professionals participating in the DoD policy that now mandates that the acquisition process be conducted through integrated teams. The employment of integrated product teams in the acquisition process has resulted in the involvement of many non-contracting government personnel. ACQ 370 provides an overview of government contract law, specifically laws and regulations that are applicable to government contracts.

Learning Objectives

• Determine the constitutional, statutory, regulatory, and decisional authorities applicable to both commercial and governmental acquisitions
• Identify, discuss, support, and defend the statutory,
regulatory, and decisional restrictions applicable to the
expenditure of appropriated funds
• Support and defend a given position by applying the concepts associated with performance under government acquisition
• Discuss the process for prosecuting a protest in a government acquisition and differentiate the various decisions of actual case law
• Discuss, support, and defend a given position using the statutes and regulations that govern the ethical conduct of a government employee