Signing a Contract

ACQ 265: Mission-Focused Services Acquisition

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ACQ 265

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Course Length

4 Days






"Lovely course! Really enjoyed the deep dive exercise and being able to apply it all." - 2019 participant

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This four-day course is designed to improve trade-craft in the acquisition of services. It uses a multi-functional approach that provides acquisition team members with the tools and techniques necessary to analyze and apply performance-based principles when developing requirements documents and effective business strategies for contractor-provided services. ACQ 265 is designed for individuals who need to fortify their skills in developing and defining service requirements, supporting business strategies, and effectively managing the resulting contractor performance. However, this course may also serve as an opportunity for experienced acquisition personnel to deepen their understanding of the Service Acquisition Process.

Learning Objectives

• Discuss and apply the seven-step Service Acquisition Process
• Learn and apply best practices in requirements mapping for evaluation of contractor services
• Discuss and apply the principles of the service acquisition process through interactive, hands-on learning examples
• Develop best processes for contractor selection and award


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